US facing some tough decisions about Kandahar Airfield, but SECDEF's not saying much. Yet.

Not exactly a "ringing endorsement" - SECDEF ANSF assessment.

Some unsolicited advice for John Campbell on how to deal with Afghanistan.


It's time for a long-overdue pop culture binge to explain what's going on with the Afghan elections. Which, of course, means GIFs. And music.


Things are getting a little test for the NUG - the old school feels a little left out.

Abdullah on talks with the Taliban: don't worry about your civil rights, everybody.

A couple gets the Supreme Court to force the State Department to tell a woman why her Afghan husband was denied a visa.


From an ISAF photoset titled, "Life is good in Bamyan Province." 

Ice hockey in Kandahar may be the key to getting CIDA back in the Afghanistan game.

Good Enough

Underscores the fact that Afghan cops aren't doing much police work.

Great shot of Afghan army artillery that somehow manages to still be a propaganda piece for a war that's not going all that well.


There are affiliates we love. Daesh is not on that list, and now they're coming for the TV.

If we ignore things like facts, the Gitmo 5 are rampaging unchecked. Facts make us sad, so we like to ignore them.

I doubt Sayyaf's a Bon Jovi fan. But any day I can work Bad Medicine into a post is a good day.