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The Central Unit is a Quick Reactionary Force ...
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This peace craze might actually start to be a thing if we’re not careful, and the latest report from the UNDP on Afghan opinions of the ANP seems to be pointing the way to sunshine, gumdrops, and cream-filled rainbow kittens.

I mean, it’s that good. Just ask the Allied Command Operations Public Affairs Office:

The Afghan National Police, ANP, are the vanguard of defence for Afghanistan against the myriad threats the country faces — Taliban recrudescence, crime, corruption, to name three. However, their effectiveness drops severely if public confidence in their ability is lacking amongst the masses.

Lucky for the children/future of the country that the level of confidence is rising—the people trust the police. According to a survey administered by United Nations Development Program, UNDP, and conducted by Afghan Center for Socioeconomic and Opinion Research, a non-governmental organisation founded in 2003, 74 percent of Afghanis have confidence in ANP abilities. That figure has grown since 2010 by three points.

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