Media of the Day: Kabul Traffic Circle Training (Video)

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From an NTM-A post of an April video, Kabul police traffic circle training.

At :24, the traffic adviser mentions the “exponential growth that’s occurred in Kabul.”

They’re probably just shopping.

  • Nick

    This video’s hilarious. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen traffic police directing people to turn left into traffic circles (wrong, wrong, wrong), etc. There’s also the awesome one near the green zone where they’ve basically blocked off some of the lanes so it can’t function properly, and they wonder why it’s always a mess. And Wedding Hall Circle, where they funnel cars into lanes to theoretically line them onto the circle correctly, but there’s no signs for which lane goes which way. I love Kabul traffic!

    • El Snarkistani

      As others will attest, there are worse places to drive than Kabul: other countries have it a LOT worse. That being said, I’ve yet to be in a country where, if I decide I don’t want to go in the same direction as the rest of the circle, I just don’t.

      The other thing I sincerely do love about Kabul traffic? The lack of road rage. Yes, I’ve seen traffic accidents degenerate into fistfights, sure, but…the simple fact is that the honking? Isn’t really in anger.

      On the “can’t function properly”: like the advisor said in the video…700,000 cars. Kabul’s engineered to support 500,000 people: there are over 5,000,000.

      So that’s awesome.

      Yeah, this is one my all-time NTM-A favorite vids.

      • Nick

        I can’t say I’ve been anywhere worse, but I can’t discount that it’s possible. The only real road rage I’ve ever seen was ANP beating the shit out of someone on Jodey Maiwand – and that wasn’t even in a traffic circle!

        • El Snarkistani

          Yeah…that, sadly, isn’t a terribly rare occurrence.