No One’s Asking, But Here’s My ‘Why’ For The Day

Having a bit of a moment here creatively. Fuck that anyway.

This used to be, long ago in posts since shrouded in the “Pending Review” pile here at SIK, a personal blog. One of those navel gazing piles of introspection that litter the interwebs with the kind of drivel best kept under lock and key. Or better yet, burned after reading.

I’ve tried to keep that to a minimum since, because, well, I think it’s bullshit.

Even when I do it.

So for the record, I think this post is bullshit.

I also feel compelled to spew it out like so much coffee-driven self examination.

Had a moment yesterday for a variety of non-blog reasons where I asked, “Why the FUCK am I still trying to write this blog?”

The fucker has no real identity beyond “White Guy Makes Fun Of Shit Because He Secretly Feels Guilty About Brown Things” or something to that effect.

Sometimes I bumblefuck around a satirical piece because I want “funny” to be somewhere in there, too.

Here’s the thing – you’ve all got a LOT of shit to worry about. Every day. I get that I’m one small piece of it.

So for the few of you who read this, follow it, get my newsletter?

Fuck. Yes.

You are amazing, despite the wandering this thing has done for years.


One of you pulled a quote from Kipling, which is awesome, because colonialism.

From time to time, God causes men to be born—and thou art one of them—who have a lust to go abroad at the risk of their lives and discover news—today it may be of far-off things, tomorrow of some hidden mountain, and the next day of some near-by men who have done a foolishness against the State.


That’s my “why” for today. And a lot of other days. And through more projects than this little decrepit corner of the snarkosphere.

And love to hear from you if you like/hate/are indifferent to anything I do here.

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