Who’s really killing everyone in Afghanistan?

Rival groups are filling graveyards in the graveyard of common sense.

We all know that one guy at the party.

Keeps asking the same damn question.

Usually that party’s Afghanistan.

That guy’s everyone watching the graveyard of expectations.

And the question usually goes something like this:


Right now, though, that question’s in the insurgents’ court. Because now I’ve gone from a party illustration to a dated pop culture GIF to a bad sports analogy that if I’m being culturally relevant is about volleyball. But you don’t let a volleyball bounce, so it’s kinda stupid.

I digress.

See, Afghanistan’s been less than peaceful of late.

Specifically the Emerald City of Kabul, where the latest in a short string of US funded wizards is trying to tell everyone that things under his leadership will be fine. And the insurgents are making a counter point, and doing so in their usual fashion: by killing a lot of people.


But if you drive an ambulance full of explosives into a crowd of people and take credit for it, but no one believes you did it, did it really happen?

Yes. It did. And to the insurgents, stop trying to raise the bar on terrorism awful.

It’s high enough.

So now we’re back to who’s stocking graveyards in the graveyard of red lines.

Depends on which press release you get your hands on, I guess.

The Islamic State group and the Taliban are competing to take credit for a horrific spike in violence in Afghanistan over the last month, and analysts say both insurgent groups are growing in strength as security forces wither under their relentless attacks and a feuding government struggles to win over citizens.

Complicating matters?

Today’s Taliban is tomorrow’s ISIS is the next day’s warlord’s private army.

Unless they’re imports, in which case they tend to stay pretty damn ideological.

But if you’re a local kid, you’re going to be pretty pragmatic. And probably switch t-shirts if its convenient. Time it right, and you’ll be on the other team before they ask you to drive the ambulance.