If we ignored Afghanistan once, we’ll do it again

Senator Lindsey Graham’s worried about another 9/11.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham cares about a great many things. Like getting re-elected, playing pool with Trevor Noah, and making sure that 9/11 never happens again.

Which means he’s got into it a bit on the Twitters with walking ad for cutting your own hair Senator Rand Paul. Who had some ideas on that parade that the Toddler-in-Chief wants to throw for himself so he can show all the other world leaders who has the best toys.

Oh, Lindsey. Dear, lovable, irascible Lindsey. You’re at your most adorable when you forget all the histories.

Because the reason we got 9/11 is because we didn’t pay attention to a lot of other things.

Like Saudi Arabia, for instance. Since that was the country of origin for most of the attackers, and not Afghanistan. And none of the 9/11 attackers were Afghan.

But funny you should mention “ignoring” Afghanistan. Because one once could submit that the reason we got 9/11 was because of the support we gave to people like Osama bin Laden when we wanted to run the Russkies out of town.

Which they did. And then we didn’t think about what was coming next. As in, after we toppled the regime keeping their thumb on the jihadis, no one asked, “Now what?”

The “now what” was the Taliban. Then we did it again circa 2004 after we’d waffle stomped the Taliban into oblivion, giving the nascent Karzai government the opportunity to, well, fumble that football pretty hard.

And we’re about to do it again, because the current US strategy of smashing the Taliban isn’t building a follow up of good governance. And by good governance I mean building the capacity of provincial and district leaders in order to stabilize the country for good.

Because a government that rules from Kabul doesn’t rule Afghanistan at all.