Is It Really Sunny In Kabul?

If you’re NATO, it is.

In case you’re new here and wondering what this is all about…here’s the obligatory “about” page.

Started out as a more personal journal/blog, morphed into something a little bigger than that.

And now you’re looking at one of the longest running blogs on Afghanistan.

And probably the least consistent.

Still, no bullshit, I think what’s happening in this country is important.

No more or less so than what’s happening in Iraq, or Syria, or the Sudan, or the DRC, or Venezuela, or the US. Just…important. Important to me, and at some point one has to put a shoulder to the boulder and make sure everyone’s watching when it comes back down the hill.

This is about as navel-gaze-y as I will ever get with this thing, so enjoy.

So it’s like a weather report?

The name: It’s Always Sunny In Kabul – because that’s what we’re supposed to believe. Even as we’re clearing the dust away from the infrequent car bomb, everything’s going acoording to plan. That’s what they tell us.

And if we believe that, it’s on us.

I’m not trying to be the smartest voice in the Afghan-related blogosphere. I’m one of the few voices in that arena, so blue oceans and shit, but that doesn’t mean you should listen to me over anyone else.

Or maybe you should. I’ve been here for almost 10 years, in the cheap seats chowing down on the bolani and the naan. So maybe I know some stuff.

I do know what I don’t know, and I’ll admit to that. Freely.

Sometimes we can do this without the snark. But then those times aren’t as much fun.

So kick back, fire up your feed reader, and come along. We’ve got a graveyard to go whistling by.