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In earlier posts, this blog has portrayed this Facebook posting as being something negative, that not reading things is just lazy, but I’m learning to see things differently.

I stand corrected, since apparently that fine journalistic endeavor, the New York Times  (home to one of my 2 favorite Toms) also has discovered that reading everything is a waste of time, and that looking closely at ISAF data is focusing too closely on the negative.

If Ray Rivers and the other contributors to that article had looked at the two ISAF Enemy Initiated Attacks releases, they might come to the conclusion that this statement from their article appears to be an error:

“NATO figures though September show no rise in civilian casualties from the first nine months of 2010.”

See, the NYT is embracing Caldwell’s admonition to stop living in the past, so instead of looking at the numbers for both August and September, they’re just looking at the data through September. If they did look at August, what they would find is this:

“ISAF caused civilian casualties are 20 percent higher in 2011 (January through August) than during the same period in 2010.”

By September, ISAF killed or wounded so many fewer Afghans than the year before, that they managed to counter that 20% increased in ISAF-caused CIVCAS, reducing its effect to absolutely nil year-to-year.

Thanks, New York Times, for leading us out of that pesky past, and forging ahead to the brighter days that beckon in 2014!


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